Thursday, February 25, 2010

And the winner is...


That's right, ladies and germs, I am the proudest new employee of H-E-B, or Howard E. Butt grocery company (not the official name).
Last Wednesday (17th) I went to Houston for an interview with H-E-B (do I really have to type those hypens every time?) at their Houston Retail Support Center, which is a distribution center/milk plant/bakery located one complex in Northwest Houston (think the intersection of 290 and Beltway 8, but on the inside and a few miles in).

The position I interviewed for was for Quality Control Technician at either the milk plant or bakery.  The interview went very well (three interviewers, at least two were Aggies), and then I got a tour of the milk plant.  Leaving the interview I felt very good about it, but didn't relish the thought of moving to H-town.

On Friday I got a call offering me the position (two days after interviewing). I told them I'd let them know next week as I wanted to get ahold of another company I had interviewed with twice.  The short version of the story is that the other company (Company B from the post below, soon to be revealed in this post) said that would get back to me before my deadline to talk to H-E-B. They didn't, even though I called again, and again.  Finally, a decision needed to be made, so I called H-E-B yesterday morning and accepted the job offer.

EDIT: I forgot to mention that I got the QC Tech position in the bakery.

I've turned in my two-weeks notice at CSISD and will finish bus driving the week of March 12th, then move all my stuff to Houston on the 13th, and start at H-E-B on the 22nd (the Monday after spring break).

This Saturday, the 27th, I plan on going to Houston to check out apartments I've been looking at online. I didn't originally plan to, but it looks as though I'll be signing a lease the same day because I don't know when else I'd be able to take care of it (and move-in is only two weeks away).

Right now the thought is to get a cheap, 1 bedroom apartment on a 6 month lease (to leave myself open for a change later). I've been contacting different people I know in Houston to see if they know of any potential roommate situations, and one opportunity might be in the works (waiting to hear from the guy). So that'd be cool.

Now, for those of you keeping score at home, the not-so-mystery companies listed in the post below are:

Company A - Otis Spunkmeyer
Company B - Sanderson Farms, specifically their plant in Bryan
Company C - H-E-B
Company D - Anheuser-Busch (yes, I totally would have worked for them if they offered me a job)

Some prayer requests:

-Finding good housing and knowing which part of town to live in, and that a good roommate situation would come about
-Finding a church home and community within that church.  It seems you can find a church with sound doctrine and teaching, but whether or not the members live it out is another story.  And finding good community seems even more daunting, as many churches don't seem to grasp the importance of unity that results in close community between Christians.
-That I would seek to build community and not simply wait for it to fall into my lap
-Adjusting to the work schedule (12 hour days, 5 AM - 5 PM, for 3.5 days/week)

And please pray for wisdom and discernment in all these areas.

Well, that's pretty much the 411. I leave you with some tidbits about the company I'll be working for:

-H-E-B owns and operates about 310 stores total, of which roughly 30 are located in Mexico.  The H-E-B brands include H-E-B, Mi Tienda, Central Market, H-E-B Plus!, and local "market" stores (Kingwood Market, etc.).
-H-E-B is the largest privately owned company in Texas, with revenues of about $15.5 billion in 2008.  It currently employs 70,000+ people (as of 2008ish).

-Read that line above again. The largest privately owned company in Texas. That is quite ridiculous.

-H-E-B is based in San Antonio.

-H-E-B dominates the central Texas grocery market and is steadily expanding in the Houston area.  While Wal-Mart holds a significant share of the market in the DFW area, H-E-B does have stores in the area and I believe is planning to expand there in coming years.

-H-E-B is well known for their store culture, targeting the product selection to the community the store is located in, and for having excellent self-branded (ie: H-E-B brand, not Hill Country Fare) products.  It is said that they will not produce a clone product under the H-E-B label unless the product cannot at least match, if not exceed, the quality of the major brand version of that same product.