Sunday, March 21, 2010

Out-of-Towners. Aliens. Etc.

For those who don't have the current 411, I'm now living in Houston and start my first day with H-E-B tomorrow. Last weekend I (with the help of some much beloved brothers) moved all my junk down to H-town, and then stayed for 2.5 days for training, and went back for the second half of spring break. Living Hope hosted a few different Spring Break Bible Camps for kids in some different Bryan projects and I was able to serve at one each evening.  I loved working with the kids again (I had been out of regular children's ministry since about October) and share with them simple but extremely foundational truths about God's love.

The weekend was spent with church family and was a sweet time of fellowship and prayer.  I am so, so blessed to have a family like that and for their desire to send me out with blessings and prayer for God's provision in finding a new church family.  I've only been back in Houston a few hours and I miss them like crazy.

My apartment didn't come with a microwave and my roommate didn't have one, so I was going to ask around and see if anyone had a free one.  My friend D-Mac happened to get a free one from work and, upon hearing of my need, gladly passed it on.  I'm pretty sure all she wanted out of life was a free microwave but she was willing to give it all up to serve someone else in need. Baller. If you see her around (and many of you will), be sure to high-five her and say "OW OW BALLER!"

I'm getting close to the point (and title) of this post. I promise.

Being back these few hours have been weird.  I'm at home, but it's not home. It's where I live now, but I don't feel as though I belong.  As I was cleaning the microwave (which came from D's workplace, if that gives you an idea of the condition), I realized that this is exactly how Christians should feel in this world.  Maybe not the sad and lonely part, but definitely as though we don't belong. 'Cause we don't. I know we hear messages about being "aliens" and "sojourners" all the time, but it really hits home when you are going through a parallel-ish experience.

I'm not from Houston. I don't feel comfortable here. It just isn't home (yet). And neither is earth.  When I became a follower of Jesus, my citizenship changed from earth to the Kingdom of God.

I want this discomfort to spur me on toward love and good deeds, and not simply try to medicate (maybe what I'm going through isn't quite as dramatic as that link) the pain with entertainment, sin, or whatever.  I want the desire to be near those I love to remind me of the greater desire to be near the Jesus I love, and the joy at his returning.

And if you're in my B/CS family and you're reading this, just know that you can't pray too much or call/text/email too much over the next few weeks. :)


P.S. One thing that made the drive sweet is that my good friend Face made me a mix CD. Not a "valentine's day" or "my sweet honey sugar lips' birthday" type of mix, but more of the "I've known you for 4 years and have seen the Lord grow and mold you" type of mix CD. It was sweet, and a joy to listen to. I plan on leaving it in the player for a few weeks, at least.


Holly Southerland said...

a few things:

1. you have a friend named Face?

2. I don't know who D-Mac is, but I hope I see said friend so that I can approach said friend with said greeting.

3. You're gonna do great!!!

C-Dub said...

1) Face = Christina Walls
2) I hope so too.
3) Thanks homesister!

Holly Southerland said...