Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Panera, Flip Flops, & The Frog Prince Toe

Ah yes, God has a sense of humor alright. Somehow people don't see that sometimes, but if you are at all a proponent of the sovereignty of God and a God who cares about the small details of life, then He definitely has a sense of humor.

Case in point.

I'm at a Panera Bread off 290 & Tidwell right now. A couple of years ago I got a $15 Panera gift card from my mom for something, but there's no Panera anywhere near Byran/College Station. So, the move to the big city was my chance to cash in. Score. Plus, they have wi-fi, so I can hang out for a bit and work on stuff. Also score.

I walk in, look around for a plug and set my stuff down. I go up and order. The girl is new and still doing training with another employee, but she's friendly and everything is good. I get my food and go sit down. Upon my attempt to sit, I jam my big toe up under the table and bend back my toenail worse than it has been for a long time. Ouch. I guess this is what I get for wearing flip flops.

So I'm sitting there wondering how long it will be before the blood trickles down into a pool on the floor. There's no band-aids in the car and I consider wrapping it napkins. Instead, I go up and ask the guy who was training the girl at the counter for a band-aid. He asks "Big or small?" I said, "Big. Defnitely." He comes back with a medium-sized band-aid and says that's the biggest they have. I say "thanks" and go sit down.

I open said band-aid. At first I thought it was Disney Princess', but upon closer examination, it's a Disney's 'The Frog Prince' (ashamed that I know that) bandaid. Sigh.

So there you have it. Now I have a pretty badly jammed up toe and toenail (which, while painful, is still kinda funny) and, even better, a too-small band-aid that a little girl over the age of six wouldn't wear.

Oh God, you and your humor.