Thursday, May 20, 2010

Adventures in Houstonia, Part 1: Property Damage

While there have been several adventures in Houstonialand thus far, this is the first that I photo-documented.

I give you, Adventures in Houstonia: The first installment.

Ah, Houston, land of diversity, and kids that throw rocks in the apartment complex parking lot.

At 5:40ish, I arrived home, mexican food in tow. I had dinner, watched Modern Family on Hulu, showered, and generally minded my own business.

At approximately 7:55 the victim, erm, I returned to my paid-for vehicle and got in. Upon looking in the rear view mirror, I discovered the entire back window was shattered, but not busted in (whew!).

I got out, investigated, took pictures, called my dad, etc.

Eventually a lady and her two boys came out and she asked the older boy if "this was the car." It was the car.

He (about age 6, maybe 7) said a "small rock" had it and bounced off. Somehow this "small rock" had managed to shatter the entire thing. Although, you can tell where something hit it, it's difficult to determine the size of the object.

Anyway, thanks to the aftermarket tinting (good call, Dad!), the window didn't cave in.

The mom of the perpetrator said "Wellllll, get me an estimate." She didn't actually say she would pay for the window, but I think (I hope) it was implied. She said she would get an estimate too, "so we could find the best deal." HA! As if I'm going to try to take advantage of the situation....didn't she see all the Aggie stickers? Doesn't she know we don't lie, cheat, or steal?

Stay tuned, kids!

More pics. They're almost pretty, if they didn't mean the hassle of dealing with this. Although, I am very thankful that someone came out and fessed up. I was planning on just forking over the non-existent cash.

This might also be a cool opportunity to show some grace, by not screaming and yelling and threatening and all.