Monday, August 29, 2011

Tumblr, amongst other social media...

In case you didn't know (or couldn't figure it out), I'm not regularly posting on Blogspot (and I don't plan to). Rather, I've settled on a plethora of social media "solutions" with which to keep in touch, convey thoughts, and spread general Internet cheer.

They are....

1) Tumblr, for blogging. I like that I can quickly blog quotes and photos as well as longer posts.
See it at:

2) Twitter, the place for all my non-Facebook appropriate comments, etc.
See it at:

3) Facebook, you know......Facebook.
See it at:

While we're on web-links, I recently registered a domain (it's been a while since the last one) as I get back into my 'ol general computer tech/web programming/computer programming hobby (hopefully for money this time).  There's nothing exciting going on at the domain right now, but I am hosting it off an old laptop sitting next to my TV in the living room, so I thought that part was cool (and will explain why the link will be down/broken sometimes):

Catch you kids on the flipside!